Monday, October 1, 2012

God is sooo Good!

Ok Im not sure where to start. So I will start with yesterday. I was on the dish tank when I over heard a lady talking about Jesus and her church. I told her it was such a blessing to hear her talking about the Lord and that I have felt very alone working in such a dark place spiritually. She gave me the most beautiful and encouraging words about putting on the Armor of God. It was clear to me that God was speaking to me through her and it was a truly amazing experience.

Then I was pulled from the dishtank to begin cooking my dish I would prepare for competition today. Chef Mark had left me a note explaining how I was to use this time to practice for competition and he would be there with 2 other people to judge my dish. I was frazzled but I pulled it together and finished within the time limit. I presented two plates to 3 judges and they discussed my dish with me with little criticism. Chef told me he was highly impressed and he thought I would do very well. I didnt really know what to think, I was stunned actually to have such good comments from several chefs.

And then competition day... I arrived at school at 8am to beging gathering all my ingredients and equipment for my dish. At 10am we began cooking.. There was 7 first year students and 3 second year students. This was a competition to see who would make the competition team that will compete representing the school. I dont know if any of that makes sense... Anyway I cut apart a chicken into 8 pieces and then cooked the breasts. Here is my menu: Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Red eye gravy, Palenta cake, and honey glazed carrots...

I am very excited to announce that I placed 1st!! I give God all the Glory because I know I was not alone. For instance I was going to make grits but Chef Mark at work showed me how to make palenta cakes because he thought it would show my versatility. And when I got there today Chef Mandy informed me that they had forgotten to get grits. God is soooo Good! Thats all I can say! Some people would say that was coincidence but I know that God takes care of all the little details. He is faithful and good!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I've got to get caught up with this blog!!

There is so much going on and I have neglected to update my blog. First I want to Praise God for providing once again! The State financial aid came through, so I will receive $2000 to go towards school. I was so excited I wanted to do a little happy dance in the office. Second I am preparing for tryouts to be on a competition team. The tryouts will take place a week from today. I will have to cut up a whole chicken and cook it with a starch, vegetable, and a sauce. And I have one hour and fifteen minutes to make two plates, one for presentation and one for taste. The chefs at work have all been helping me by showing me how to cut up the chicken and teaching me how to make a dish. I will be making pan seared chicken with red eye gravy over grits and possible some honey glazed carrots. Im not sure yet about which vegetable I want to use. I have been practicing but I dont have it under the ONE hour and Fifteen minute time limit. I really want to make this team! There is nine students in my class and four in the second year class. Oh yeah we are competing against second year students I forgot to mention that. Im usually not a very competitive person but I really really want to make the team. I think its because I feel kind of like the underdog. I feel like I have to prove myself or something. So, anywho that's the lastest. Keep me in your prayers any of you who might read this!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here's a funny story!

I was busy doing the dishes and feeling like I was finally getting a good groove with my speed. I mean I was going through the dishes, spraying them, sending them through the machine, and putting them away. And then I put an empty crate on the rack above, like I do everyday, when all of the sudden the crate on the opposite side full of glasses slid of the rack and landed with a enormously loud crash. People came running from everywhere to see what and who had made the shaddering sound. And as I stood and looked at the shreds of glass all over the floor the only thing I could do was accept the responsibility and claim my mistake. So I began to sweep up the glass as my coworkers laughed but encouraged me with their personal stories of simular situations. So I brushed it off and jumped right back into my dish washing and again placed an empty crate on the rack and again watched a crate full of glasses slide off and hit the floor with another but what must have been a louder boom. This time even more people came to see and I was told they heard it all over the hotel. So again I swept up the glass as people said "Man your paycheck is getting smaller and smaller". I no longer put the empty crates on the rack but chose to place them on the floor just to be safe. What is truly amazing is that even when I have bad days of shaddering glass or whatever else I may face in my days that God is beside me and I can feel His presence. The next day I placed the empty crate back on the rack with no catastrophes. And I smiled and thanked God! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

My name was on the board!!
I was given the task of dicing 2 gallons of pineapple, 2 onions, and chopping parsley for pineapple salsa. After completing this task I went to lunch and when I returned my name was written on the board with some more tasks. Yay!! I was excited so I took a picture and everyone in the kitchen thought I was crazy but I don't care. I felt for the first time like I belonged and was just excited to have something to do other then dishes.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My new job...

I must say I never knew washing dishes could be so hard!! My whole body pretty much hurts... It has been an adjustment to go into an enviroment completely different. I have to say I have struggled a little with feeling like Im in a strange country all by myself. I am not used to the language and lifestyles of the world. However God has been there, I can feel His presence with me. On one lunch break I was sitting all alone feeling very heavy burdened and weary when a guy with dreads asked me if I was working in the kitchen. I said yes and then he started telling me all about his experiences cooking in NY. And then he said something that has stuck with me and helped me more than he knows. "Just think of this place as your school, its not a job but a school, your here to learn as much as you can." Its like God used him to help me at just the right time, because at that moment I was doing everything in me not to just sit and cry. God gave me a scripture verse one morning that I think I will make my special verse to get me through this program.

Isaiah 41:10
"So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strenthen you and help you: I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

I need God's strength every minute of every day to get me through this difficult transition. I am praying for Him to use me to be the light in a dark place.

And this is the dish area when Im finished!! Yay!!

My morning begings!!

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